The starting point of this installation was a found object: a mount panel, accessory used by the hunter to stage his trophies. I combined it with an organ attracting a lot of attention as a symbol of pleasure and fertility.
But having only one was not fun, so I made 30 of them, all different. The Trophy Wall taken at face value is something violent, related to hunting. But at the second level, it refers to the number of love conquests someone, usually a man, has. In this work, I play with the two levels. I also question gender representation : usually the man is the subject and the woman the object. In this work, it is inverted, and men can experiment what it is like to be looked at as object.

The different trophies explore different strategies for triggering attraction : it may be wearing nice clothing  or making jokes and having fun. Some maybe tempted to use their social status as bait, but ther are also more pervert attitudes...

to read (in French): Jean-Louis Poitevin's article published in  TK21 no 69

to listen (in French): report from Swiss Radio (Happy Culture , October 24th 2014, with Leila Roelli)