Sculpture and installations are my favored means of expression. Found objects are core elements of my vocabulary. My major concerns are not primarily formal. I want my artwork to question the viewer. Objects were once used in other places. By removing them from their original context and displaying them in a work of art, they acquire a different meaning. They have a strong symbolic power. My works are assembled like dreams. Various elements are aggregated according to the principle of free association, they directly address our imagination. I use objects in different ways: either ready-made objects are assembled as the elements of a composition or combined with a shape created using another technique (ceramics, glass paste, metal, textile, plaster, paper...). They can also be molded and represented as their absence or transformed as the material for sculpture. I assemble, construct, deconstruct, my initial idea being in constant dialogue with the material. This interactive process ends when I can give a title to the artwork. Then, as a grigri, it acquires a power of exorcism.

My work can be provocative, sexualized and political, but humour and scorn are never far when I reaveal the vulnerability at the heart of the human condition or tell poetic stories about the desires and contradictions of our time. I am obsessed with the body and the question of gender identity. Nature and environment.are also central to my concerns.